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Maud works 90% of the time with kids, families and mommy’s to be. Both for kid’s brands and for private bookings.
The other 10%? Business portraits, business events and about once a month a small wedding is captured by Maud.

2014 has been a BIG year for Maud: fully booked for weekends and most weekdays, opening her own studio in Amsterdam, shoots in London, more than 300 kids captured, the start of some really cool new projects, workshops and more. Maud loves what she does, loves kids and being around them. A reportage type of shoot, little posing as possible.

If you want to book a shoot, these are the options:

wbsMFklein-29 1. FAMILY SPECIALS
Every month Maud organizes a special for kids/families: you can sign up for a 20 minute mini-shoot. No cure no pay. So you only pay for the photo’s you’d like to buy, after seeing the photo’s in an online album. No obligations. These specials take place during at least one weekday (Wednesday or Friday) and one weekend day, so two days a month.
Upcoming specials: winter beach shoot.
Please have look at the SPECIALS page for more information, dates and to sign up.


Do you prefer to book a private shoot, at a location of your choice? That’s also possible! A family shoot takes 1 to 1.5 hour. The kids have some time to adjust to me and the location, there’s no rush and Maud’s sure to capture your family beautifully. Photo’s will be made in all possible combinations – kid’s apart and together, with mommy and daddy, whole family together etc. But it all happens without pressure, little posing, lots of fun.
A private family shoot can be booked during weekdays only! We can meet early morning or late afternoon if that works best with your schedule. After all these years Maud noticed that it’s always possible with families to find a weekday that suits all agenda’s. If you prefer a weekend shoot, you can consider one of the monthly  specials.

A lot of people love to give photo’s of their loved ones to celebrate life’s milestones: grandmother turning 70 / grandparents are married for 40 years / etc.
So they gather all the sibblings and their kids and book a combined shoot: a big family photo, all the grandchildren together, the brothers/sisters together, each family apart, all the kids apart/ etc. These shoots are a lot of fun and take around 1.5 hour. A big family shoot can be booked on a weekday or in a weekend (some extra charges apply) at a location of your choice.

Cute as a button. Curled up and fast a sleep. Nothing beats a newborn shoot. A reportage-like shoot of these special first days with your baby. Maud comes to your home, captures the cuty pie details of your baby such as little hands and toes, button nose and tiny fingers. She captures the mommy and daddy cuddling and admiring the little one. Maybe there’s a proud big brother or sister around to capture too. Family photo’s are taken, but all in a very relaxed and non-posed setting.


YES! Getting married is a BIG milestone in one’s life, which needs to be captured for ever in photo’s. Maud’s focus is on kids and families, but about once a month she captures a wedding too. Mainly small and inimate weddings, half day weddings in and around Amsterdam. Please feel free to send Maud an email to request for information on prices etc. When doing so, mention as much details about the day as possible (times, locations etc.) so Maud can inform you on the options!


Expecting! It’s such a pleasure and gift to be an awaiting mom. This only happens one-two-three (or somtimes 4!) times in your life and it’s so nice to have that pregnancy glow & big belly captured. You can book a private shoot at a location of your choice or come to the monthly special for pregnant ladies: the big belly mondays.

A bachelorrette, a group of friends, or another special people occassion? Maud can show up to capture it! Drop her a note with your wishes!



•lifestyle shoots – blogs – portaits – business events•

Maud LOVES to work for kids’ related brands (e.g. Gray Label, Blond Amsterdam, Sleepy Bo) and blogs (e.g. babyccinokids.com). But Maud also works for companies non kids related, such as Royal Club, Van Beuningen & Partners and Fleishman Hillard. Or small entrepeneurs who need business portraits or casting photo’s.
Feel free to contact Maud with your wishes!

Comments or questions are welcome.

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