Love to get some nice photo’s taken of your family, but don’t want the limited time of a minishoot? Book a private family shoot!

Kids running around in a flowery park, at the winter beach or all of you at the meadows? An outdoor shoot is the best you can get when capturing kids: they’re free to run around, be themselves, explore. It reflects immensly on the photo’s. Only restiction: no rain. The kids can play while Maud takes photo’s. The result: pure, spontanious, reportage like photo’s. Little posing, lots of fun.

A family shoot takes 1 to 1.5 hour. The kids have some time to adjust to me and the location, there’s no rush and Maud’s sure to capture your family beautifully. Photo’s will be made in all possible combinations – kid’s apart and together, with mommy and daddy, whole family together etc.

A private family shoot can be booked during weekdays only! We can meet early morning or late afternoon if that works best with your schedule. After all these years Maud noticed that it’s always possible with families to find a weekday that suits all agenda’s. If you prefer a weekend shoot, you can consider one of the Specials.

BIG FAMILY SHOOT – a shoot with several families and their (grand)parents
A lot of people love to give photo’s of their loved ones to celebrate life’s milestones: grandmother turning 70 / grandparents are married for 40 years / etc.
So they gather all the sibblings and their kids and book a combined shoot: a big family photo, all the grandchildren together, the brothers/sisters together, each family apart, all the kids apart/ etc. These shoots are a lot of fun and take around 1.5 hour.

In 2018 , Maud has limited weekend dates available for these shoots.

Please contact Maud for more information!