Every month Maud organizes a special for kids/families: you can sign up for a 20 minute mini-shoot. No cure no pay. So you only pay for the photo’s you’d like to buy, after seeing the photo’s in an online album. No obligations. These specials take place during at least one weekday (Wednesday or Friday) and one weekend day, so two days a month.

It’s a perfect way to get beautifull photo’s of your family, without paying the full amount. The downside? It’s a mini shoot, so there’s not a lot of time. But when working with kids you have be quick either way, because they don’t wait for you :)

2016 specials (maybe more dates are added later):

Some news… Maud is expecting her third child in October! You can book private family sessions until mid July. After that only newborn shoots are possible until mid September. Also, no September Beach Shoot, Autumn Shoot (NL & London) and Happy Holiday Shoots this year. Next special will be the Winter Beach Shoot Feb/Mar 2017. 

Please have look at the individual pages for more information, dates and to sign up.

impressions of specials of the past years

happy holidays shoot – winter 2013/2014 – amsterdam & london

winter beach shoot – winter 2014 – noordwijk

park shoots – spring/summer 2012, 2013, 2014 – amsterdam vondelpark and london hyde park

amsterdam shoot – winter 2013 – amsterdam

christmas star special – winter 2012 – amsterdam (@Dony Design for illustrations)

Merry Christmas

cloud shoot – spring 2013 for Macarons Fashion Fair – amsterdam


And much more!