-no cure no pay mini shoots –
April 5th



How does it work?
On Sunday April 5th there’ll be free mini-shoots at Noordwijk beach. The shoot’s for free, you only pay for the pictures you choose afterwards, but no obligations! It’s a very relaxed and fun way to discover if your kiddo likes photo shoots. And if it’s having an off-day, no worries: you don’t have to take any pictures!

The shoot & the setting
20 minutes of fun time, running around and playing at the beach. I’m all around the kids to capture their spontaneous moments. 90% play and 10% posing (but without the kids noticing it). Each family that signs up gets their own time slot.


The kids
All children and their parents are welcome! No restriction to ages. I’ll take pictures of siblings together and of each kids separately. At a regular shoot I have a lot of time to make the kids at ease. But with a mini shoot like this, it’s a bit trickier. So I try my best to get all combinations (kids apart & together & with mother, father etc.)! Preferable dress your children like you love them most. Basic colours work best (white, navy, grey, light pink, baby blue etc). 

When & Where
[dates tbd]. Exact location details will be send after signing up.

Dutch Weather – how about that?
As long as it’s not pouring rain, the shoot continues. If the forecasts turn out to be really bad, I’ll decide one in day advance if the shoot continues or not.  


The deal
The shoot (around 20 min) & editing is completely free of charge and no obligations to buy pictures afterwards. If you like the pictures you can order them. Simple as that! After the shoot, you’ll receive a link to an online album to view & select your photos.

• 1 picture: 55 euro
• 3 pictures: 115 euro
• 5 pictures: 155 euro
• all pictures (at least 30) : 205 euro

You’ll receive the pictures digitally in the highest resolution possible (so you can make as big of a billboard out of it!). This means you can decide for yourself which size you want to let them print and on what type of material. 


You’re in?
Just drop me a note below where you tell me:

  • what time slot you prefer: morning 8.30-12 | midday 12-15 | afternoon 15-17.30
  • the names & ages of your children
  • your phone number

I’ll send you a confirmation as soon as possible. Hope to see you then!

xo Maud

ps. if you want to come with your nieces/ nephews/ your friends’ children, please note: one mini-shoot per family/gezin. So what I can do is plan you and your friend/sister in adjacent time-slots, and we can take pictures of all the (grand)children together, but you’ll both receive a separate online album / invoice etc.