O how I love big family sessions! Two or three families together with the (grand)parents.

It’s so much fun to see three generations interacting. And to catpure that. The whole family sits or stands together and I try to find the right type of humor for each different family. So the ‘posed’ moment feels less posed when laughing real laughs!

I capture the whole family together, the grandchildren, the ‘original’ siblings, every family by itself and their children together, and I even try to capture all grandchildren seperately! So it’s like 2 or 3 smaller family sessions together in one big family session. It’s so much fun!

Ok let’s do this. But now: finding a data with all those agenda’s and mine included might be hard. So please plan in advance. I reserve weekend days for these type of shoots. We can meet anywhere in the Randstad, all though I highly recommend the beach of the hei for big family sessions, so there’s enough space for everyone!

price start at 375 euro